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Touch & Explore - Farm Book

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Fuzz, fur, and feathers--theres so much to discover on the Touch and Explore farm!Introducing Touch And ExploreTM, Twirl s multisensory series for children who want to do more than just listen! Already bestsellers in their original French editions, these well-crafted interactive titles encourage hands-on engagement, learning, and knowledge retention. Packed with things to touch and farmland facts, this Touch And ExploreTM, offers a barn-full of farm time fun! Visual learners and pre-readers can get to know which animal is soft, curly, smooth, wooly or silky. They can lift and turn flaps to open the door of a hutch for rabbits, a coop for a hen nestled atop her straw nest. They ll discover who says bah! , oink! or cluck-cluck! With over a dozen animals, this farmland feast for eyes, ears, and hands lets kids fully engage with every page.